Triple Zyme Technology (Three seaweeds technology)

TZT is the scientific breakthrough for the maximization of the bioactive components for agriculture. Based on the traditional backbone of utilization of the seaweeds, the scientific team has formulated an innovative extract encompassing all the growth needs of the plants in all the stages.

The technology acknowledges the presence and diverse bio chemical components of three types of seaweeds viz. Red, Brown and Green and optimizes the beneficial effects of all the three types.

With continuous efforts the scientists have developed cutting edge extraction

processes to ensure that all the materials are extracted. The resultant product is scientifically designed and carefully processed proprietary virgin extract with all the bioactive components from all the three types of extracts ensuring constant and reliable results each and every time. The key components are phytohormones, chelated elements, proteins amino acids, vitamins, sugars, polysaccharides etc

Key Benefits

  • 100 % pure virgin extract
  • Scientifically formulated
  • Three types of sea weeds
  • In house manufactured
  • Proprietary Extraction Process
  • Balanced Hormonal Ratios
  • Multiple Bio-Actives
  • Tried and Tested
Why Triple Zyme?

E2DA (Enhanced Elemental Delivery & Assimilation)

Guarantee of complete better micronutrient absorption

An innovative approach in the delivery of the delivery of the micronutrients, E2DA is a technology for effective delivery of the micronutrients to the plants. Developed and perfected by the European scientists the technology employs low molecular weight super-concentrated organic activator with both hydrophilic and hydrophobic functional groups acting as dipoles.

The activator is a technological advancement that ensures that the chelated ions do not compete with metallic ions inside the plant cells.

The activator facilitates the symplastic and apoplastic movement of the nutrients in the plants.

Another significant feature of the technology is that it facilitates the absorption of the cations and anions in a shortest possible time. The resultant product is a high efficacy formulation with better and quicker results.

Key Benefits

  • Absoroption of both positive and negative ions.
  • Does not compete with metallic ions in plants
  • Better and quicker absorption
  • Symplastic and apoplastic movements

S3(Supercharged Suspo Solution)

S3 is a unique technology intensive innovation in the field of delivery of nutrients to the plants. Focusing on the physical aspects of the delivery the technology is designed to accomodate maximum nutrients.

It employs usage of simultaneous solid and liquid inputs in the formulation.

The technology results in innovative gel type formulation with super-concentrated bio-available nutrients. The technology also employs novel random electrostatic pulse to keep the ions in a constant state of charged bodies that are easily absorbed by the plants.

Key Benefits

  • Unique solid and liquid phase
  • Constant electric pulse
  • Maximum nutrient concentration
  • Enhanced bio-availability