Sugartron is a very special fertilizer tailor made for the sugarcane considering the unique agronomical practices of sugarcane like long field standing, complete removal, absence of flowering and fruiting etc. The actives are proprietary blend of three types of sea weed extracts promoting only the vegetative growth without affecting the life cycle of the plants.

The organic micronutrients from the processed ash serve as the vital source of elemental nutrition and aids in soil conservation.


  • Triple Zyme 10%
  • Processed ash 50%

Key Benefits

  • Increase in yield
  • Increased rooting
  • Increased leaf chlorophyll content and leaf size
  • Soil conditioner, porosity increase
  • Complete micronutrient supply


  • 10-20 Kg per acre at 45 days and 90 days
Processed ash – return the nutrients

The product uses bagasse (Sugarcane residue) ash and converts it into a potent bioavailable fertilizer using a patent pending process. The ash from sugarcane contains all the neglected but very critical micro and macro nutrients that are removed from the soil year on year with no way to return them back to soil. This is very critical for the soil flora and flora. Additionally the ash is useful in maintaining the porosity and pH of soil.

Triple Zyme

The three types of sea weed extracts are critically balanced for the unique requirements of sugarcane. These ensure promotion of rooting, abundant vegetative growth (cane development), suppression of flowering fruiting. It contains growth boosters, naturally occurring micronutrients, macronutrients, antistres agents etc for optimal growth of the plants.

Sugar Industry Collaborations

Boilers in the industry use the bagasse as feed and generate huge amount of ash as difficult to dispose waste that can be converted in to high efficacy fertilizer using our patent protected technology. This is a win/win situation for all the stake holders farmers, sugar factory and Ocimum when a production unit for fertilizers is established within the industry and product sold directly to the farmers. The project has already passed the proof of concept stage and several collaborations on the way in the coming season. Please contact us if you are sugarcane industrialist/facilitator/consultant and see the potential in the project and think that you can facilitate in developing the tieups with the sugarcane producing companies.

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