Nematron is an innovative formulation specially designed for the management of the crop nematodes. The novel formulation is highly acclaimed formulation is useful in controlling the damage caused due to the nematodes like meliodyne and Bursaphelenchus.

The formulation is novel in the sense that it acts in multiple ways by killing the nematodes before it infects the roots and preventing the lodging of the nematodes and reducing the damage caused by preventing the growth in the roots.

The formulation also confers additional benefits by reducing the soil borne pathogenic infections on account of anti microbial properties.

Several studies report the formulation to be effective in killing the nematodes and arresting the development of the galls in several crops. Nematron is recommended both in the early plant stage as a preventive agent and in the later stages as a cure for the nematode infection.

Composition (w/v)

  • Cinnamoon aromatica bark extract

Mode of Action

  • Contact Nematicide
  • Growth Retardant for Nematodes
  • Immunity Booster
  • Anti-Microbial


  • 1 liter/ 5 Liter


  • Protection against infections
  • Gall reduction
  • Gall size reduction
  • Increased survival and growth


  • 2-5 Liter per acre
  • Dilute 1 liter nematron with 1500 liter water and apply to root zone of crops until wet

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