DC - Direct Carboner

DC - Direct Carboner

DC is highly innovative product from Ocimum Research Center. It has been specially designed keeping in view the importance of carbon in the plant lifecycle. Plants can take carbon only in the form of carbon di oxide in air and is often a rate limiting factor in plant growth.

DC has been developed after years of research to deliver carbon directly In the leaves. Its minute particles penetrate directly into the stomata and release Carbon di-oxide in it. The enhanced carbon concentration results in initiation and maintenance of the carbon cycle of the plants.

The plant intermediates and metabolites present in the formulation further assist in the continuation of the process.

Plants sprayed with DC have been shown to have larger shinier and darker color indicating enhanced chlorophyll assimilation and photosynthesis. The plants also have brighter, bigger and better tasting produce.

Recommended for

  • All crops in the vegetative, flowering and fruiting stages


  • Organic Carbon 50%
  • Organic Extract 50%


  • Recommended Dose 2 ml/ Liter in Water

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