ATZ Granules

ATZ Granules

ATZ is a patent protected innovative formulation based designed to provide basic elements along with the growth boost to the plants ATZ is a complete pant growth booster containing immediate and slow released micronutrients. The cutting edge formulation utilizes two latest technologies: utilization of ash as a basic element and soil conditioner source and secondly use of self manufactured triple zyme extract.

Bio-Ash is a very usefulmaterial containing a whole lot of macro and microelements in the ratio naturally occurring in the plants.It is also a very effective soil conditioner restoring the soil pH and enhancing the microflora.

Triple zymes again an technological advance over the naturally occurring seaweed extracts combine the beneficial effects of all the three types of seaweeds- red, brown and green.

Being manufactured in our own extraction units the product is a great example of quality, consistency and reliability.

Multi micronutrient plant growth booster granules are based on triple zyme technology. Applications of the granules in crops result in increased rooting, flowering and fruiting.

  • Bio-Ash 50%
  • Triple Zym 10%
  • Humic acid 10%
  • Amino Acid 2%

5-20 kg/acre.

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